Building the future


Since mid-2022, TheaterHotel De Oranjerie has been undergoing renovations. This renovation, refurbishment, and expansion will be carried out in different phases and will take several years. We will remain open during this period, but you may experience some inconvenience. By dividing the renovation into different phases, we minimize the disruption as much as possible. However, some noise from construction workers or temporarily closed common areas cannot always be avoided. We ask for your understanding and will do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We hope to continue to welcome you as a guest, even during the renovation

What can you expect during your stay at this moment
At the beginning of May 2024, the first rooms of the expansion in the former PTT Telephone Exchange were completed and we received the very first guests.


In the former PTT telephone exchange, the focus is now on completing the wellness, swimming pool and fitness room.


In addition, we started the renovation work in the hotel tower in mid-June. All rooms in the tower are therefore blocked and not in use. The rooms will be completely stripped and reorganized.


In addition to the room renovations, a large number of works have already been carried out. Our general areas have now been renovated and the old Salle de Fête has also been renovated and renamed 'Le Jardin'. The old brasserie has been completely renovated and is back in operation as a brand new live-cooking restaurant.


We have listed the current building/renovation activities for you:

Final work is taking place on the new hotel facilities in the former PTT Telephone Exchange.
The renovation work in the hotel tower has started.
Work on the reception will also start soon. As a result, the rear entrance opposite the Q-Park garage will be temporarily closed from mid-August.

*The adjustments above are temporary and may change during your stay. Check before your stay which adjustments apply.