What can you expect during your stay at this moment
We started on the next phase of our renovation! During this phase we will renovate our common areas. This could result in more inconveniences for our guests. We have listed the different points for you:

Grand Café Cerise is still accessible through the hotel entrance (at Kloosterwandplein). As our hotelguest, you have to walk through the hotel entrance across from the Q-park garage. From there you walk to the “Emile Seipgensstraat” and to the entrance of Cerise. You can’t walk through the Salle de Fête.
Breakfast doesn’t take place anymore in the Brasserie on the ground floor. During this phase, breakfast will take place on the first floor of the hotel.
Roomserive is during this phase not possible
During this phase of the renovation, we, unfortunately, can't rent out our meeting spaces.
During the renovations of the common areas, you might experience more noise than normal. We are doing our best to limit it as much as possible.

*The adjustments above are temporary and may change during your stay. Check before your stay which adjustments apply.

Building the future


From mid-2022, TheaterHotel De Oranjerie will renovate. This rebuild, renovation and expansion will take place in phases and will last a total of 2 years. We will remain open during those 2 years, but you may experience some inconvenience. By dividing the renovation into different phases, we limit the inconvenience to a bare minimum. However, we cannot always prevent any noise nuisance from construction workers or temporarily closed general areas. We ask for your understanding and do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We hope to continue to welcome you as a guest, even during the renovation