Theaterhotel De Oranjerie values the environment. In cooperation with Q-Park we offer several electric charging points. The charging points are located in the Q-Park Garage behind our hotel. With charging points throughout the Netherlands, Van der Valk makes electric driving more and more possible. This also fits in with Van der Valk’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Allego Charging Stations
The Charging Stations are located immediately on the left in the Q-Park Garage. You first have to enter the garage and then go back to the exit. You can also use a SuperCharger to charge your Tesla, which is available at the Designer Outlet.

Regular Chargers up to 22kW (AC)
The Q-Park garage has 4 charging points at your disposal that can top up your electric car up to a maximum speed of 22kW. At these charging points you can charge with the Type 2 plug.